The Interarc Name

Every great company has a beginning. This is ours.
Many people have asked us what Interarc Media means, if anything at all. Well, it does have a meaning and its very significant.

Throughout history, Christians have used a specific symbol to show they are Christians. This symbol was used throughout Germany during WWII and dates all the way back to the time of the disciples and possibly even Jesus Himself. The symbol is the Ichthus, or “Christian Fish.” It’s rumored that Jesus was drawing an Ichthus in the sand when the Pharisees came to him to accuse the Jewish woman of prostitution. Jesus’ disciples used the Ichthus on the doors of their homes to signal to other Christians where secret meetings were being held.

When searching for the new direction in which to take our company, we found ourselves needing a new business name. We wanted to somehow make use of the Ichthus since it has been such a historical symbol. However, it’s possible that the “Fish” is the most widely used and modified logo in the world. We didn’t want to brand ourselves using a symbol so many other companies have used. So, we dug a little deeper. What is an Ichthus, in its artistic form? Simply put, its a set of lines. In fact, its a set of intersecting lines called arcs. The Ichthus is one of the easiest symbols to draw because it is literally two intersecting arcs. So, to keep things simple, we went with a name that describes the Ichthus in its simplest form. Interarc is short for intersecting arcs, which is the Ichthus.

Interarc Media is a Christian company that is focused on providing clean, robust and vivid websites, graphics and logos to small businesses. We especially love working with startup companies and starving artists because we look forward being there with you as you grow.

We are veterans of the US Army and we greatly appreciate the service of other veterans. So much, in fact, that we offer a standing discount to service members and to veterans. Active Duty and Retired Military members can receive 25% off of any service we offer, anytime.

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