So. Here you are. You’ve decided to look into what all the hype is about regarding social media marketing and why it’s important for your business.

Truthfully, we’ve been waiting on you. We were hoping we’d get the opportunity to actually help someone with little to no social media or marketing experience come to terms with what it’s all about.

There are thousands of articles online about social media marketing. This one is different. In this post we dive into all the important details. We’ll explain why marketing is important, starting with the basics. Then we’ll explain the benefits of a successful, and well-rounded, marketing plan. Lastly, we’ll give you several tips on how you can become your own marketer. But, should you get through this post and decide you would like to hire an expert for your marketing needs, we’ll be here to help.

In order to cover this subject thoroughly, we decided to do it in three parts. This page features Part 2, THE BENEFITS. We’ve already covered Part 1, but you can click the link below if you would like to go back and read it. In contrast, if you have already read through Part 2, please use the links below to skip to Part 3.



Yes, that’s a serious question. I ask it because some people have never been successful, don’t understand what marketed success looks like, and aren’t prepared to deal with a real service increase. Effective Social Media Marketing will deliver real, measurable results. You MUST make sure you’re ready to handle the influx of new customers, more orders, greater droves of storefront and phone-call traffic, etc. If you’re not ready to work harder… if you’re not ready to expand your services to a larger crowd, you should hold off on paying for and implementing an SMM campaign. Nothing could be worse than advertising your business and not being able to deliver on your advertisement.


Have you ever posted a Tweet on Twitter, then gone back to view the analytics page to see how your Twitter followers reacted to it over time? If you have, you may have a sense of what measurable results look like, at least on the digital front.

Social Media Marketing campaigns begin with a set of achievable goals. Once those goals are identified and agreed upon, the SMM campaign manager writes up a plan to use several platforms that will engage with your followers in an effort to reach your goals.

Set goals for yourself and your business. Then, work at achieving them through an effective Social Media Marketing campaign.

Your goals will act as “hot buttons” that your SMM campaign manager will keep in the back of his head. As your SMM campaign goes on, he’ll keep track of digital analytics through your various social programs and compare them to your business statistics, such as your record of new clients, higher sales, an increase of sales limited to a specific time when your SMM campaign was in effect and, most obviously, your growth rate of social followers. The best experts can even track new social followers to customer conversions, proving that your social followers are becoming paying customers.


A long time ago, businesses had only one way to advertise… Word of Mouth. Later, signage came along, then logos and branding. Eventually, the telephone book was invented and businesses began creating full-page ads while changing their business names to those with one hundred “A’s” in them. Once the World Wide Web was invented in 1990, advertising took off. People all over the world (mostly locally at first, then global over time) were able to discover local, hometown businesses over the internet if those businesses had websites. Gradually, more and more businesses created websites and became listed on the internet, spawning large companies such as Google and Yahoo, as website indexing became necessary. Thus, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing were born.

Think about this for a moment. Imagine if phone books were still around in every major city and town within the United States. Do you think it would be the most effective marketing tool to use for a modern business in today’s society? Probably not. What about word of mouth? Is that the best way to market a modern business? Perhaps it’s the best way to market it locally, but word of mouth is unlikely to bring in business from patrons who reside far away, as they likely will have never heard of your business or service.

So then, that means Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing are the best methods to use, right? Certainly, they are a great start. But even those two rely heavily on Search Engines and marketing with the companies who implement them. However, what happens if your business is one that sells pillows? How do you market that online? What happens if there are three hundred pillow manufacturers within the United States who are trying to take up the top 10 results slots when users search for “Pillow Manufacturers?” Now you are directly competing against each of them for those coveted results positions. And, unfortunately, at that point, the top slots will go to the firms who can afford to pay the most for them.

Marketing through Social Media doesn’t necessarily change that last scenario. However, it does give your business the edge against those who don’t market with Social Media or whose SMM methods are lacking. What’s more, SMM pairs perfectly with online search engines as most social platforms properly index your posts, photos, comments, etc. through Google and other major search engines. As such, whenever users search for “Pillow Manufacturers,” not only will they find your website somewhere in the search engine results, there’s a great chance the user will find one of your Facebook or Twitter posts higher up in the rankings than your website. This provides you with an additional avenue by which to reach your users online. As an added bonus, the more often you advertise EFFECTIVELY on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the higher your chances are of increasing your website traffic since those social users are likely to be directed to your website. This, in turn, has the potential to help your regular website search engine rankings, tieing your SMM campaign to your SEO and Internet Marketing campaign and bringing your overall marketing scheme full circle.


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