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With so many people using their smart phones to search the web, a great website must include a responsive mobile version.


A great online presence begins with a quality website, but it continues with a successful marketing campaign.

Maryland Website Designers

Interarc Media is a group of Maryland Website Designers located in Bel Air, Maryland. We specialize in creating high-output WordPress websites for businesses. Using robustGraphic design, we deliver beautiful content management websites that look great and function like a well-oiled machine. We deploy a mix of great looks and practical Internet and Social Media Marketing skills to develop websites that enable our clients to surpass their competitors.





Website Design

The philosophy at the core of each of our projects has always been to design and develop websites that are Small Business-friendly.


Interarc helps you discover your audience, then helps you reach them through Social Media


We’ll help your website content match your marketing strategy so your search rankings increase.

Layout Packs

Interarc offers prebuilt WordPress layouts for clients looking for a more affordable solution.

Website Design

Interarc provides a host of responsive website design solutions for your project, including an extensive Visual Builder that will enable you to maintain your own website after it launches. Easily update your contact information, add testimonials, edit employee profiles and update project galleries. You can even design a different layout for each blog post on your site or upload your latest YouTube® video to quickly create a video gallery or slider. Honestly, the options are endless. Visit our Website Design page to discover how we deploy creative, successful websites that keep your business moving forward.

We Build Productive Websites

Interarc designs highly-productive websites for businesses and organizations. We begin by understanding your vision for the website, then we bring it to life. We conduct research to determine your target audience, discover your competitor’s internet and social media presence, then develop a tailored plan of attack to help your business start thriving. We write market-driven content into your pages and posts while laying out an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design that provides a great user interface and experience.

Small Business Friendly
We love small businesses! Only, if you really think about it, small business is BIG BUSINESS. According to data from the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau, of the nearly six million companies in the US, those which employ less than 500 workers account for approximately 99 percent.

Small business owners know their stuff. They develop great ideas for products and services and flood the world’s economy with innovative solutions to today’s problems. Sometimes, however, the owner of a successful business doesn’t have the time to develop a successful website. Naturally, that’s where we come in.

Interarc is a small business with a BIG knack for making successful websites for other small businesses. We build affordable websites that look great and perform incredibly well.

Responsive Website Solutions

When creating a new website, probably the worst mistake you can make is to create a site that isn’t responsive. Responsive, what does that even mean? Well, to keep it simple, responsive means to respond to. It’s the new way to refer to the development of a website that responds to different screen sizes. The idea behind it was for developers to create a single website that could be coded to fit any screen. The hope was to do away with separate “mobile” websites that often left out critical sections only the “desktop version” offered. Another nightmare with mobile sites was SEO. Building a responsive website removes that problem as only the layout of the site changes, not the content and meta.

With so many millions of consumers using their phones to search the internet for goods and services, creating a responsive website is an absolute must.


Social Media Marketing is highly effective, so it relies on a great strategy. There’s much more to it than just placing an ad on Facebook® or Twitter® (but those are effective). It takes time to build out a productive campaign. It also takes money, sometimes lots of it. But, the end result is always worth the investment.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is a method used by marketers to locate targeted social media users and convince them to visit your website, use your services or purchase your goods. The idea behind it is simple, yet quite genius. Marketers determine where large groups of people are gathered online, sort through them to figure out which ones are most likely to become paying customers, then provide them with attractive information about your products and services.

What Does This Mean For You?

Social Media Marketing offers you another way to reach consumers and increase your Return On Investment (ROI). By finding your target audience across several social media platforms, you can now offer direct advertisement to the consumers who are most likely already looking for your products and services. If your business sells pillows, a successful Social Media Marketing campaign locates consumers who are searching for pillows and filters out those who are not. The targeted consumer is then directed to your social page or to your website where they can directly interact with your business. You’ve now achieved something great; you’ve started a social media presence and you’ve discovered another successful way to drive traffic to your website. Social Media Marketing helps create great word-of-mouth and works wonders for increasing your search engine rankings.

How Interarc Makes It Work

Interarc will work with your business to learn about your products and services. We’ll determine who your target audience is, then develop a strategy to locate them across the social-sphere. We’ll then use specific Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to directly interact with your target audience. We’ll craft and deploy tweets that are specific to your business and track them over time using sophisticated analytics to determine their impact. Then we’ll integrate your website with your social platforms so that your well-written post content is automatically shared on your blog and your social sites.


Search Engine Optimization isn’t just one thing. There are no amount of keywords that you can place within your site’s meta that will force consumers to arrive at your website’s homepage. If that were the case, there could be no competition. Developers and site managers would include fifty million tags in the heads of their pages and break the internet. (Not possible, by the way.) Interarc deploys trusted SEO methods that are proven to work. We stay up to date with the latest algorithms being used by the major search engines and we make sure to stay on top of the latest successful trends. We help invisible websites get found by the consumers who are searching for them and are ready to spend money!

So You Have A Website

Great! Congratulations! Now, who else knows about it? Your friends? Your social media followers? Those 25 or so folks who actually looked at your business card and didn’t throw it away? If you’ve managed to turn each of those folks into real conversions, pat yourself on the back. You’re one heck of a salesperson. Most people can’t do that. In fact, no business owner with a website should ever have to be that lucky. Ever!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method of setting up (and maintaining) your website so that it credibly gains as much usable exposure on search engine sites as possible.

Interarc works to ensure users who are searching for your goods and services are able to find you, preferably before they find your competitor. We use proven methods to help interested consumers find you, then we keep them engaged on your website using a mix of well-written and interesting content.

SEO Makes All The Difference

It’s not being over-dramatic to state that a website is almost completely useless without an effective SEO campaign. If the goal of a business owner is to make money, he or she first needs a customer. Sure, storefronts, swap-meets, seminars and selling locally through social media will turn a profit for your business. Word of mouth and direct advertising are worth their weight in gold, there’s no doubt about it. But what about those folks who would love to check out your storefront but have never heard of your business? Don’t use hope as a tactic and wait for your consumers to hear about your business through happenstance. Meet them where they are! Online! Engage them through the search engines. Its the same concept as driving your products to the swap meet; you’re taking your business to where the customers are. Effective SEO will bring them to you instead. Interarc knows just how to help you achieve this.




Please fill out the fields below with as much information as you can and we'll get in touch with directly to go over your project and provide you with a free estimate.


Please fill out the fields below with as much information as you can and we'll get in touch with directly to go over your project and provide you with a free estimate.

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