There aren’t many WordPress themes out there that deal with money and payments. There may be some that have plugins that handle payment processing, but there surely aren’t many websites themed around it. Until now…

Take a gander at our Digital Payments Layout Pack. This bold little Layout Pack is a great way to get started with processing payments through your own website. It displays elegant pricing and sign-up pages, along with a features page where you can explain your offer to your clients. Pair this Layout Pack with the WooCommerce plugin (not included) and you can sell your payment processing services, along with your other items, right through your website.

What’s also great about this, and all of our Layout Packs, is that it can be easily customized to fit your brand. Having said that, you may not own a company that processes payments. Perhaps your business is about pet grooming. The Visual Builder that comes standard with each of these Layout Packs gives you the full flexibility to use our Digital Payments Layout Pack as a structure, while changing out the colors, text and images for your own. In short, you can use this Layout Pack as a starting point to get to your end goal. We offer several resources on our website on how to make changes to the Layout Packs. There are also help videos included in the Visual Builder help section that explain how each module works and how various elements can be edited to fit your needs.




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