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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, Social Media Marketing is the method by which website traffic is gained through the use of social media sites and online gateways. It gives website owners another way to reach users that they may not have been able to reach through standard internet search engines or word of mouth.

How Does It Function?

Website owners, or their marketers, will start by writing engaging media content. That content can be located on the owner’s website or elsewhere on the internet, such as a blog site, that links back to the owner’s website using something called a trackback. The title of the content could be something like, “5 Reasons Why Social Media Is Vital To Your Business,” or “5 Reasons Why “Free” Websites Don’t Work,” anything that is relevant to the topic and works with current marketing trends. The content is then shared on the various social media sites sort of like an advertisement. Social media users who are interested in the topic will click the link and go to the article. See our Tweets below as an example.

At this point, several things have happened:

  1. The website owner has engaged with a new potential customer.
  2. New traffic has been driven to the owner’s website.
  3. If the article is well-written, it will interest the user and entice him or her to read additional articles, staying on the owner’s website longer and improving the website’s click-through rating. Of course a poorly-written article could
    have the opposite effect.
  4. Depending on if the article leads to a Call To Action for a service or product, the new user could convert to a paying customer.
  5. Paying customers are called “conversions.”
  6. Conversions equal sales which drive up the owner’s ROI (Return On Investment).

Marketing Strategies

Two main strategies exist that use social media for marketing.

  1. As previously mentioned, writing content and articles for blogs where users can engage through forums and leave comments is a great marketing tool. This is a more passive, indirect approach where the marketer is not directly seeking out targeted users, but instead waits for those who are interested in the content to engage first.
  2. A more direct strategy entails the use of Business To Business (B2B) or Business To Consumer (B2C) marketing where
    an owner will target specific social users and invite them to join a newsletter or visit a website page. Before this method will work well, the marketer needs to find specific users who are interested in a particular subject matter, service or product. A popular way to achieve this is through the use of an API. Social media sites offer API’s through their developer platforms so businesses can reach the more intricate statistics of the social users and choose which users will more likely be interested in their service or product. This is why the idea of purchasing thousands of instant followers don’t work. THE SALES ARE IN THE QUALITY OF THE SOCIAL USERS, NOT THE QUANTITY! Read our blog post on the failure of “Get Followers Quick” schemes.

Look At The Numbers

Increase Of Social Media Users In 2014 / In Millions

Active Mobile Social Users That Have Been Added Until Quarter 3 Of 2015 / In Millions

Total Growth In Millions

What Does Social Media Marketing Do For You?

Social Media Marketing is an affordable way to market your services or products through social media platforms. This allows businesses to tap into a plethora of new users where they are most comfortable. What’s more, social media marketing doesn’t hinge on a need for a computer or traditional internet search results. Millions of social media users contribute to their social world through the use of each platform’s smart phone app. So, not only are you tapped in to the social market, you have the ability to reach consumers in the comfort of their own homes, where they’re more likely to learn more about your product or service and make a commitment to become a paying customer.

It’s affordable! – Considering the costs associated with marketing through internet search engines, costs to advertise through the various social media platforms is minuscule. Most social sites are free to use for businesses. Not long ago, Facebook reduced the number of businesses advertising through their platform for free by reducing the audience for businesses with more than 500,000 likes. This forces those businesses to pay for Facebook advertising services. Still, business owners have the ability to tap Facebook’s resources using an API or simply pay the advertising fee Facebook requires. If the ROI warrants the conversion costs, it’s money well spent.

Search Engines – Social media sites also help with search engines. Users searching for a particular product, service or company through internet search engines will be able to find search results that have spawned from social sites as well as that business’ website. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter index very well and help users find your business.

Conversions – People love social media. They love to talk and share content with their friends and family. Sporting events, weddings, vacations… those topics, and many more, put people in a great mood and get them talking. They want to share how their favorite team won a football game, talk about their honeymoon plans in Venice or share photos of Uncle Fred catching the “Big One” at the lake house. Businesses who manage to get involved with those users and those activities are going to hit a home run! If you have a great product or service and you connect with people directly through social media and get them talking about it, others will want to try it and you will have created a buzz. That is a direct open door to sales, which is the very definition of conversion.

Great ROI – Considering the low cost to market using social media, the returns can be amazing. Just imagine spending $100 per month to get thousands of new, highly-targeted users who are searching for businesses like yours. If you convert only one or two customers per month, your ROI could nearly double, depending on your profit margin. So, you find that delicate balance of investment versus return and you adjust it until it fits your budget perfectly and drives in more business by the truckload.




Small Businesses That Get At Least One Quarter Of New Customers Via Social Media


Young People Who Refer To Social Media For Ideas On Popular Places To Go

How We Make It Work For You

While most social media sites are free for businesses to use, the approach most business owners take is to use those sites the same way they do with their personal social accounts. Well, that doesn’t always fare very well for conversions. Locating targeted social users can be time consuming for business owners. That’s why we do all the work for you!

What You Can Expect:

  • We’ll learn about your business and develop marketing keywords
  • Discuss your social marketing goals and expectations
  • Agree to a manageable social solution (what is your target amount of followers?)
  • Begin searching for targeted followers using specific marketing keywords and phrases
  • Grow a targeted group of followers using specific social interaction
  • Track social growth statistics through precise analytics


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Contact us today and let’s discuss your marketing strategy. Even if you already have a Social Media presence, we can help you find a more specific target audience to engage with. Remember, the more potential customers you have to pitch your brand and services to, the better your overall conversions will be. Conversions = Sales!

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