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SEO… It’s Your Website’s Door To The Entire World, Yet So Many Developers Are Afraid Of It. Keep Reading To Learn How We Make SEO Your Best Friend.

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Search Engine Optimization, See What We Did There?

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION  (SEO) is the highly-effective way of engaging with internet users through the use of search engines, website content and specific content design.

SEO takes all the little things into account, like what we did above with the bold and italicized text. SEO tells search engines to look at your website pages because they are laid out well, indexed properly and have a great chance of meeting the requirements of the searcher.

Why is SEO such a dirty word in the website development field, then? Because it scares the pants off some companies! Achieving great search rankings is hard work. It takes a dedicated company to understand what your business offers, how users are searching for it, and how to optimize your site’s various pages to get them found by those doing the searching.

Many companies like to design a site, build it, post it, then walk away from it… all while promising you it’s the greatest thing in the world. But, like we say around the Interarc office all the time, “You can have the best product in the world, but you can’t sell it to the customers you don’t have.” So, we excel in driving traffic to your website using SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and so on.

We have competitors, so we’re not going to give away all of our methods of achieving great SEO for our clients. But, read below and we will tell you a few of the basic ways we help drive users to your site with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Navigation Confusion

Avoid Confusing Navigation

<title> and

<description> tags

in your website’s HTML personalize search results. Creating a unique title and description for each page of your site will act as a hook for searchers.

Use Clear And Concise
Headings On Each Page

Search Engine Optimization, Content Is Key
Search Engine Optimization, Relative Links

The Results Are Amazing!!!

Search Engine Optimization, Interarc Media Google Results

When you see the end result of a well-managed SEO campaign, your wallet will thank you.

You won’t have to ask if your SEO is working for you, it will be very evident.

  • The hits on your website pages will start going up.
  • Phone calls and emails for your goods or services will increase.
  • Double down with a Social Media Marketing campaign and watch your followers grow.

When the whole thing comes together, you could end up being the next trend setter! Just Saying! It’s Possible!

Start A New Website And SEO Campaign Today!

We’ll follow all the current protocols to get your site situated where it belongs on the search pages. (If need be, we’ll go to war with your competitor’s rankings to help you get there!!!)

The most important piece to the SEO puzzle is spending the necessary time it takes to get it done right. It’s not an overnight process, and anyone telling you it is, is out to steal your money. No one can legitimately guarantee you the number one spot in all the search engines, though many of them try. Those marketers are out to take your money and hide behind the hope that you are too narrow-minded to know any better.

Let us build a reliable SEO campaign for you. We’ll work with you on setting attainable goals and we won’t promise you an ocean-front view in Arizona.

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