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One of the greatest ways to reach customers, especially other businesses, is through email marketing. Read below for information on Business-To-Business email marketing and how it can increase your ROI.

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Email Works For B2B


B2B Companies Expect Their Expenses For Email To Increase

Email Marketing, Monitor


Of B2B Companies Allocate 10% Or More Of Their Marketing Budget For Email

The Average Email Outcome For Businesses Include A:

  • Delivery Rate 98.15%
  • Open Rate 32.36%
  • Click Rate 21.08%
  • Unsubscribe Rate 0.5%

Email Marketing ROI Is A Massive

Email Marketing, 127% Increase In ROI


Purposes Of B2B Email Usage


Retention Is The Biggest Purpose For B2B Email Marketing

Email Marketing, ROI $

For Every $1 Spent On Email Marketing, $44.25 Is The Average ROI

Email Marketing, ROI @

Other Purposes Are

· Engagement
· Acquisition
· Brand Awareness


Email Marketers That Rate Email Marketing Leads As High Quality

B2B Mobile Email


Emails That Are Read On Mobile Devices


Emails That Are Read On Mobile Devices


Emails That Are Deleted Instantly On Mobile Devices If They Don't Look Good


Companies Who Don’t Create Mobile-Friendly Emails Continually Lose Out On ROI

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Interarc Media gives you all the tools you need to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers. Not only will our email marketing program convert extremely well, it’s going to look great doing it.

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